Sunday, October 18, 2009

Midnight musings

What happened a few months back is that the poet lurking somewhere within me unraveled himself. The result of that was the poem I have below. This was posted in my company's internal blogging site,known as Channel-one (Ch-1 in short). I've been struggling with new ideas to revive this blog,so here goes the poem , just for the heck of it,for the sake of an update.

A poem is what I want to write,
For the words and thoughts, within myself I fight….
Wondering when the time will be right,
for the poem, which I want to write!

Am not short on inspiration,
Which is a poem’s basis of construction….
Putting this together, is a lot of contemplation,
A fact it is, and no fiction…

Wanted to get back to ch-one,
Ideas and intent were plenty,but the determination,was none
Reading blogs is always fun,
But writing them is, the feeling number-one!

Is it getting silly, or long, myself I ask,
Never mind the meaning or length-as in the sunlight of satisfaction, I bask….
Looking back, writing this wasn’t really a task,
Just a means to cover my feelings with a mask…

Is this a flash in the pan, I wonder,
No, not at all, to myself I mutter…
As in being regular,
Lies the answer!!! ;)

p.s. It is titled so because it was written at the stroke of midnight. The events leading up to this poetic outburst caused a lot of frustration and disgust within me, which in turn gave way to the 'poet' within me. Good or bad, I was able to divert my mind for a while and it definitely made me feel better. :)

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